Tumba Restaurant, Esentepe
A Friendly greeting from Şevki, service with a smile, extensive menu, excellent food and a fantastic view
Roadhouse Bar, Alsancak
The Roadhouse Bar and Restaurant in Alsancak is renowned for big steaks at reasonable prices.
Lodge Bar, Catalkoy
The Lodge Bar has a highly welcoming atmosphere with a huge a la carte and Turkish menu available all week.
Wild Duck, Karsiyaka
Family friendly Restaurant and Bar with play area for children. Home cooking at its best.
Crows Nest, Karaman
Bar and Restaurant renowned for its exceptional standards of catering and hospitality.

North Cyprus Entertainment

Use the Event Calendar (above) to view the Entertainment Schedule for each Month
Choose the right North Cyprus' Venue and Performer(s) to make sure that you enjoy your night out in North Cyprus
Original Post: May 20th - 16:21pm
It's very likely that Pub, Bar and Restaurant owners in North Cyprus will personally know and be very familiar with the type of Entertainment that their clientele prefer. It is in their own interest therefore, to engage Performers that they know their clientele will enjoy and usually, they do. Furthermore, the majority of Entertainers who appear at the numerous Venues throughout North Cyprus, have probably appeared on several previous occasions and been met by audience approval. It's doubtful therefore, that you will be unhappy with the Performer that appears on the night that you visit the Venue that you have chosen, but of course, it's difficult to please all of the people, all of the time. To minimize the risk of the evening's Entertainment not meeting with your approval, there's a couple of things to do/check.

Whether visiting a Bar, or a Restaurant, booking in advance is advisable, if only because it gives the opportunity to ask the Venue's owner about the Entertainment. Depending upon the type of Entertainer, you may prefer a table that is close to, or away from the Stage, and/or Speakers. For example, if the Entertainer/Entertainment is a Live Musician, and/or a Group and you don't enjoy loud Music, you may not want to be seated too close to the source of the sound. Speak to the Venue's owner and if they cannot meet your requirements, or you have any doubts, visit the Venue on another evening, when there is no Live Entertainment/Music.
What type of Entertainment is available at Venues in North Cyprus
Original Post: April 7th - 10:18am
Belly Dancers, Stringed Quartets, Guitar Duos, Vocalists, Rock Bands, the sounds of the 70's, Jazz, Funk, Opera - many musical genres are covered by local Performers/Entertainers and usually, there's something to suit all tastes on 'every' night of the week. Use North Cyprus Entertainment to do your research and we're sure that you will be happy with your chosen Venue and Entertainment.
Live Football, Rugby, Cricket and many other Sports at Venues in North Cyprus
Original Post: April 14th - 12:16pm
Sports' TV is very important to some Venue's regular customers who may want to watch the latest Game, Match, or Live Sporting Event. If you know that Live Football is scheduled to coincide with your visit to a particular Venue in North Cyprus and listening to cheering Football fans is not to your liking, choose a Venue that doesn't show the Live games, or shows them in a separate room, or section of the Venue. Specialist Sports Venues usually accommodate customers who prefer not to watch by providing a separate area for Dining, Chilling, Children etc.

On the other hand, if you are an ardent Sports fan and simply cannot miss your team's latest sporting battle, use the search facilities provided on North Cyprus Entertainment, to find the Live Sport's Venue that is showing the Game, Match, or Sport that you want to watch.
Village Bistro Bar, Esentepe
The Village Bistro Bar has just celebrated 10 years in business in Esentepe, North Cyprus.
Kervan Cafe, Karaoglanoglu
Overlooks the Beach. A Fantastic menu and probably the most beautiful Sunset in Northern Cyprus.
Club Tropicana, Ozankoy
Club Tropicana, Quiz nights, Live Bands, Singers and Entertainment - friendly faces - fun for all the family
Montenegro Bar, Karsiyaka
Very popular establishment with locals and visitors. Excellent cuisine, beautiful view and friendly welcome.

North Cyprus Entertainment

Use the Event Calendar (above) to view the Entertainment Schedule for each Month
Live Entertainment in Bars, Cafes and Restaurants throughout North Cyprus
Original Post: March 20th - 16:21pm
Our web site is the go-to resource for anyone who is looking for Entertainment in North Cyprus. Many of the more popular Venues have their own page on our web site where they publish details of the Entertainment that they provide in their establishments. They may also use their page to publish details of any Discounts and Special Offers.

A question often asked by many Residents and Visitors in North Cyprus is - What's on Where ? The answer to this question can be found using the Search facility at the top of this page. Monthly links in the North Cyprus Entertainment Event Calendar provide one-click access to the Event Schedule for the majority of North Cyprus Venues.

Working out which Venue is offering the type of Entertainment that you enjoy, on the night(s) that fits your schedule, couldn't be simpler. Using this valuable resource from North Cyprus Entertainment, organising a night out, or your holiday Entertainment itinerary couldn't be simpler, or quicker !
Food Choice and Availability at Restaurants in North Cyprus
Original Post: April 22nd - 07:22pm
Usually, Catering establishments complete their annual maintenance works and improve and upgrade their buildings and fixtures and fittings during the months of April, May and June. They may also use the early seasonal months to plan, perfect and introduce a new menu. With their kitchens and waiting staff properly tested during the 'early' months of the season, customers can feel fairly confident that they will not experience any dining 'disappointments' from July which marks the 'real' beginning of the holiday season in North Cyprus.

There are Bars and Restaurants in North Cyprus to cater for every type of culinary taste and preference. In Girne, the centre of Tourism in North Cyprus, Visitors will find hundreds of establishments. Inexpensive, Value for Money and Quality options sit side by side in the many Roads, Streets, Alleys and Ginnels that make up the 'City' centre. You may think that you have found the 'best' Restaurant, only to try another and find that it is equally as good, or better !
Looking for the best place to eat your favourite Dish ? Independent customer ratings help you to avoid dining disappointments.
Original Post: April 22nd - 07:22pm
There may be number of reasons why you prefer a particular Restaurant - the Decor, Ambience, Geographical Location, or View, a friendly Owner and Staff, or because the Chef cooks a dish in a particular way that suits your culinary taste and, or preferences.

All Chefs have their own unique style of cooking. Some dishes on the menu may suit the cooking style of the Chef at your favourite Restaurant, who may tweak the ingredients and method in a way that makes the finished dish suit your particular tastes and personal preferences.

Please share your experience.